Oils v's Acrylics

Having recently switched back to using oils after a fifteen year break, I'm still undecided whether I prefer using them to using acrylics.

Why did I make the switch? Well, I thought that perhaps my acrylic paintings looked a bit sort of 'plastic'. I was tired of the stress of having to work so quickly so as to avoid expensive paint that I'd mixed on my pallett drying before I'd applied it to the canvas. I was always wasting so much paint.

The advantage of oils is that you are not in such a hurry and really you can use the colours you've mixed up the next day if need be.

As I really enjoy painting skies, I thought perhaps the blending would be easier and so it is. With acrylics the edges of clouds for example look 'jagged' and too sharp.

Oils are such a pleasure to use but my goodness they are messy, something I don't really like, what with being such a clean and tidy person!

So far I've painted seven new pictures using oils and still I'm undecided and slightly wavering towards switching back to acrylics.

I'm determined to crack this though as I think I can really create something beautiful if I can master my technique. Oils, I have to say are in my opinion a superior medium to acrylics so I shall continue my journey mess and all!

So much more to write on this subject, I will have to discuss more in another post.


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