Long Winter months in my Studio.

So, I think the longest, coldest winter I've ever experienced is finally coming to an end. As much as I dread and dislike the winter months, it is for me just an excuse to spend more time in my studio doing what I love. Tucked away in solitude with just my music and thoughts for company, what bliss!

Sketches and paints.
Inside my studio.

Most of this winter has been spent doing commissioned work. I have completed three very different projects, all of which I really enjoyed and found challenging in one way or another. These projects have included a portrait of two children set in an imaginary scene with various elements of symbolism which had personal meaning for the client. Then a wedding invitation which was inspired by the harvest moon by which the wedding will take place. Then last but not least a mystical woodland scene which again included many symbolic elements requested by the client with personal meaning for them.

Commission of children portrait.

Commission for wedding invitation.

Commission of woodland scene.

In between doing these commissioned pieces I've also had some time to do my own projects which have included re-working some old paintings which just never really worked but had elements I liked and so could be salvaged in some way. These worked quite well and produced interesting new works. Then there were some totally new pieces that I found time and inspiration to paint as well. One of which was adapted especially to the theme 'Meeting Places' for a group show in Berlin. One good thing that comes from being a bit of a hermit through the winter is that you get so much work done. Almost impossible in the summer with the temptation of the garden and the sunshine outside!

The best part of my day in the studio has got to be when the day is drawing to a close and I can watch the sun beginning to set on the hills beyond our garden. Every evening is a glorious light show and fills me with wonder and happiness. Such inspiration every day in this beautiful setting, The window of my studio becomes a work of art in itself and never ceases to enchant me.

The view from my studio window.

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